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Many flower delivery services are manufacturing their flower bouquets in warehouses, putting them into boxes and delivering them by overnight courier or posting them to recipients. Surely that isn?t best value?

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When you want to send flowers it?s a special occasion ? Mother?s Day, Valentines, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc ? so you want to get the best possible value for money, the freshest flowers and the best design.

Most of us turn to the internet for our shopping needs and for our research these days, and sending flowers is no different.

There has been a rapid growth in online flower delivery services ? Interflora, FlowersDirect, Tesco, Sainsbury?s, Next, Serenata to name just a few.

With most UK flower delivery services, supermarkets and retail brands manufacturing some or all of their flower bouquets in a warehouse before putting them into boxes and posting or delivering them, you do not really know HOW your floral gift is produced or sent. In fact, many recipients will actually receive a very different service from the one they thought you were paying for.

In order to ensure that you are sending your order direct to a real local florist, and getting full flower value you need to search for the florist closest to the delivery address.

This is fine in principle, but sometimes you don?t have enough time, and also some of these flower delivery services can make themselves look like real local flower shops.

Now there is a real alternative to these floral ?order gatherers? ? www.direct2florist.com

A first in the industry, direct to florist puts customers in direct touch with the real local florist. This passes on major savings to the customer whilst ensuring larger bouquets are delivered.
There are no middlemen, no hidden corporate costs, no percentage discounts, no hidden charges, and no advertising deductions. This site passes 100% of your flower money to the florist giving you bigger and fuller bouquets from real local florist.
Direct2florist charges a small service fee to operate the site, promote the site and transmit your order. There are no hidden charges. The money you spend on flowers is exactly that – your flower money! By going direct you receive better value from direct2florist. By ordering from this site, your order is instantly transmitted to the florist of your choice. The confirmation email we send to you provides you with the florists contact telephone number. So you are safe in the knowledge you are in contact with the florist. With direct2florist “It?s like you walked in to the shop and paid over the counter!”
What?s more direct2florist invite you to “star rate” their service. After every delivery they send you a confirmation email to confirm your order has been delivered and invite you to star rate the florist. 5 Stars is the maximum awarded for outstanding service.

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